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Material Advantage is a program designed for students interested in Materials Science and Engineering. This program provides students with access to a wide variety of resources, including scholarships and grants, career development and information, and technical information. Material Advantage is composed of four partnering societies:



The American Ceramic Society is a global leader among professional organizations in supporting scientific research,emerging technologies, and current applications, in which ceramic materials are a key element.



The mission of the Association for Iron & Steel Technology is to advance the technical development, production,processing and application of iron and steel. Our principles are to provide:

· Value for members and benefit to industry

· Opportunity and access for all members

· Member-identified, quality programming

· Universal industry appeal



ASM International is a Society whose mission is to gather, process and disseminate technical information. ASM fosters the understanding and application of engineered materials and their research, design, reliable manufacture, use andeconomic and social benefits. This is accomplished via a unique global information-sharing network of interaction amongmembers in forums and meetings, education programs, and through publications and electronic media.



The mission of TMS is to promote the global science and engineering professions concerned with minerals, metals and materials. In support of this mission we will:

-Provide forums and other opportunities for: 1) The exchange of information among all segments of our community; and 2) Networking and making contacts vital to members’ interests

-Provide state-of-the-art means for disseminating information pertinent to the community

-Provide means for the professional development and career maintenance of members


 The American Foundry Society seeks to “provide and promote knowledge and services that strengthen the metalcasting industry for the ultimate benefit of its customers and society.” We are a multinational professional society which works to assist its members in all aspects of the metallurgical world. By helping companies through information, and future employees (students), AFS is ensuring a strong future for foundry and metallurgical practices.

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Material Advantage-University of Wisconsin-Madison Student Chapter is open to Undergraduates and Graduates interested in engineered materials and metallurgy. Access to Material Advantage resources requires online registration here: http://materialadvantage.org/

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Material Advantage (Includes ASM International, American Ceramic Society, Association for Iron & Steel, and TMS- The minerals, metals, and materials society)

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